Biography of Shinichi Sato

I have been in the art show business as an exhibitor for nearly Fourty Two years in the midwest and in Florida. Before this I received two degrees one in Japan and one at Kent State University. During this time I also spent a year at the University of Akron studying nothing but art and specifically painting in watercolor, sumi, and other styles. This was among the most enjoyable times I had during my school years. I reconnected with years of calligraphy I studied and my love for painting as a child. Most of my motifs come from those memories of mountains, streams, and wildlife around my childhood home.

                These days I work mostly in Acrylics and incorporate my techniques and themes from Japanese brush painting. I also use my years of experimentation to create unique abstracts from multi-layered blending and use varied tools such as brush and Catalyst silicone painting tools. Abstract painting to me has so much freedom in acrylics to express intention in its raw form. To show on a canvas what impresses the heart in shape, in form, and in color. I would love to meet you at my booth this year and answer any questions you might have.

Best Wishes, Shinichi Sato